D-Day 2004

God it was hot and wet after living in Montana for a year, hard to train for that.  This was a great battalion this year at least 12 veterans out of the 39 players. We took the wall in record time and had to defend for 45 minutes before over running Bravo.  It was a great Allies route in the tie breaking year: Allies 4, Axis 3 and broke the Axis wining streak.


Things get a little tight as the game grows

That Look

The end of ranger training and the walk up that last hill.

Rangers on Parade

Closer shot of the 3rd


The faces of destiny.

So solem!

Just before we hit the beach.

The Wall of Paint

Axis lower emplacement on the wall. Yoy can see the lower gun in the back.

This is what you pay for.

No description

Rangers Lead The Way!

Taking the lower gun.

Bravo was next!

Rangers control tank at Airfield

Please note our fearless leader Maj. Steve is to left and behind the tank out of the line of fire.

Pan right of previous picture

We are making the plans to sweep the airport.